ASHwell Executive Director Job Posting

Email ASHwell's Interim Executive Director, Dr. Afi Wiggins, if you are interested in the position. She can be reached at

Salary Range: $100,000 to $125,000 Summary

ASHwell strives to create an equitable, inclusive, and high-quality service environment that focuses on the needs of individuals who sometimes live at the outer margins of life. We intentionally and effectively serve the needs of individuals from an array of backgrounds and life experience, with particular emphasis on African American, Latinx, and Indigenous populations, plus queer, transgender, non-binary, and fluid identities.


Our quality medical and life assistance care is implemented with compassion, integrity, honesty, and an out-of-the-box sex-positive approach. We approach challenging health and wellness issues using harm risk reduction efforts. We communicate with our clients using terms and language that ensure they are comfortable, respected, and valued.


We encourage and celebrate innovation, creativity, and originality. Our work environment and culture are grounded in a wealth of diverse staff identities and experiences. We are looking for an equitable, inclusive, and collaborative leader who shares the values of service to all humankind for the betterment of the Austin community and the world.



§  Leads the planning, organization, and strategic direction of the ASHwell’s operations,

§  Development initiatives, and clinic and programs services.

§  Directly supervises senior level staff (ASHwell directors), including reviewing performance evaluation; ensuring departmental policies and procedures are well developed, executed, and followed; and measurement and reporting is accurate and reliable.

§  Leads the implementation of consistent accounting policies, procedures, and operational reporting/metrics.

§  Supervises the development and implementation of operations-based financial modeling.

§  Leads and reports on ASHwell’s financial, development, clinic, program services, and other results to theBoard of Directors.

§  Leads the development of accurate and timely analyses that capture and communicate fundraising results, fund management, variances, and performance trends.

§  Provides oversight and leadership of staff, consultants, and contracted services.

§  Ensures all departments are appropriately resourced, funded, staffed, supported to maximize effectiveness.

§  Coordinates and leads annual budget and performance reviews, monthly and quarterly reviews, and periodic forecast updates with operational and senior management.

§  Reviews and approves funding proposals and reporting.

§  Approves major budget-related activities and expenditures.


§  Leads and maintains a cultural environment of encouragement, asset-based interactions and communications, positivity and productivity, and non-discrimination.

§  Retains and develops a diverse, highly qualified staff and volunteers by providing career coaching, growth plans tied to performance evaluations, professional development, development related to anti-discrimination, including anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, anti- transphobia, and anti-xenophobia.

§  Ensures that services and funding activities, resources, and relationships are robust enough to meet or exceed strategic goals and objectives.


Working Conditions

•   Office environment

•   Telework



•   Full health benefits package

•   Staff from diverse backgrounds

•   Fun and relaxed culture and climate

Qualifications& Skills

•   Knowledge of preventive sexual health and HIV and housing legislation

•   Knowledge of issues related to social justice and healthcare, housing, and displacement

•   Proven ability to raise funds to sustain and grow the organization

•   Proven ability to strategically plan and implement the plan

•   Proven leadership and management skills

•   Proven ability to integrate an equity-minded approach to leadership

•   Proven ability to value and maximize client-centered care

•   Proven ability to value and maximize input and collaboration from staff

•   Proven ability to communicate with staff and clients in a way that does not cause harm and facilitates safe and open dialogue

•   Proven leadership in strategic planning, development, and implementation

•   Proven ability to organize, prioritize, and manage time

•   Proven ability to move staff from talk to action

•   Proven ability to work independently and collaboratively

•   Proven ability to foster collaborative working environments by bringing different departments together

•   Proven ability to creatively problem-solve

•   Proven ability to be flexible

•   Exhibits enthusiasm for working and leading in ASHwell’s environment

•   Visionary leadership in ideas and structures

•   Exhibits a dynamic disposition


Education & ExperiencesRequired

•   Bachelor’s Degree in leadership, management, business administration, public health, or education

•   5or more years of leadership, management, and supervisory experience


Education & ExperiencesPreferred

•   Master’s degree in leadership, management, business administration, public health, or education

•   10 or more years of leadership, management, and supervisory experience

•   Experience in public or sexual health


Call to Action

ASHwell is especially interested in qualified candidates who will contribute to equity, inclusion, excellence, and service within our sexual health and wellness system. Leaders from minoritized groups and women are encouraged to apply.


Offer of employment is subject to approved background check.

Email ASHwell's Interim Executive Director, Dr. Afi Wiggins, if you are interested in the position. She can be reached at

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