Self Care: Channeling Your Righteous Anger

Self care and rest are cornerstones of revolution; without it, martyrdom will consume you. Dealing with oppressive authorities can feel crushing, witnessing the people around us stay disenfranchised and under-resourced and disregarded, explicitly excluded from growth and prosperity. To combat this, we must take action in our own lives, our own communities, for our own health.

Self care is about more than just bubble baths and long sunset walks. Self care, especially for women of color, necessitates the decolonization of our minds. To truly care for ourselves, we must process and then destroy the concept of ourselves that was created and limited by the white supremacist patriarchy in which we live. This might look like finally accepting all of your emotions as valid, even the ones that correlate with stereotypes (e.g. Angry Black Woman). It's okay to be angry—in fact, it is only right to be angry in the wake of injustice. It is self care to make Good Trouble.

Self care comes from systemic nurturing, not individual boot-strapping. We may feel so disempowered that we feel that nothing will ever change, but that's not true. We cannot control other people, but we can change and grow ourselves and our communities and our cultures in collaboration with our allies. To do this, we must decolonize our minds. To survive white supremacy, we must cultivate safe spaces to heal intergenerational trauma, whether those spaces be in a journal or in a race caucus at work. Self care is surviving the systems we've been thrown into, growing through concrete until we can break through and thrive in the sun.

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