Our Story


Empowering central Texans by providing sexual health and wellness services that serve the body, mind and spirit.


We envision a community made up of individuals, regardless of status, station, or background, that are empowered to navigate their own sexual health and wellness without shame, stigma or judgment.


In 2018 the Wright House changed their name to ASHwell - standing for Austin Sexual Health + Wellness.

ASHwell was originally known as the Wright House Wellness Center and was founded in 1988 by a group of individuals living with AIDS. They joined with several holistic health therapy practitioners who believed that many of the symptoms of chronic illnesses could be effectively treated with holistic/complementary health therapies.

Although the initial program focused on those living with HIV/AIDS, the Center has changed over the past 27 years to include and serve those populations at greatest risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases as well as those who  do not seek timely medical care - people of color (especially men who have sex with men and women) and recreational drug users in the lower income areas of Austin, Texas.

As medical treatment for HIV/AIDS has changed from a focus on delaying death to a focus on managing illness and improving quality of life and  productivity, the Center's programs and services have changed as well to  emphasize treatment adherence, disease prevention and personal responsibility.